Hastings, New Zealand

Location: 1478 Omahu Road
Hastings, Hawkes Bay
New Zealand 4175
Facility Size: 60,000 M 3
Multi-temp: -25°C to +20°C
Controlled Atmosphere Rooms

Pallet Positions:
Freezer:    6,000 pallets
Chiller:    4,000 pallets
Controlled Atmosphere:   1,000 pallets
Operational Hours: 8 am to 4 pm Monday to Friday or by arrangement

IARW (International Association of Refrigerated Warehouses)                  New Zealand Cold Storage Association

EU, CU, CN, US listed for export of Animal and Dairy Product
MPI Approved for Meat, Seafood and Dairy Product
RMP Export Registration ID S2219
Approved Transitional Facility Registration #28136 is now able to receive meat and other imported risk food products that require segregation prior to testing and clearance.

Peter Terblanche
General Manager
Tel: +64 (6) 650 0219

Chris Beukes
Warehouse Supervisor
Tel: +64 (6) 650 0219